Recycle your old Latex Paint!

With over 100 Chicago area retailers set up as Collection Centers for us, you can dispose of your waste latex paint quickly and conveniently....with no drying required. 

 Recycling Fees Apply
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 We are now in Indiana and Wisconsin!!! Click on the locations tab at the top to find a retail collector near you.

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At Earth Paints Collection Systems, we’re painting the earth a greener future by providing an inexpensive, environmentally safe and convenient way to dispose of unwanted latex paint.

Pouring leftover latex paint down the drain or discarding it in a landfill is harmful to the environment. Even though latex paint is not considered a hazardous material, it is made of potentially toxic chemicals that damage the environment by contaminating the food chain for fish and wildlife, contaminating ground water, causing sewage treatments to be less effective and clogging sewer and septic systems. Additionally, the sheer volume of paint that is disposed of each year – an estimated 12.7 million gallons each year in Illinois alone – make responsible disposal a major concern.

Earth Paints Collection Systems offers an option that protects the environment by recycling both the paint and its container, and creating new products from the recycled materials.

We invite you to learn more about who we are, what we do and how you can get involved. Together, we’ll paint a greener future for the environment.



So how many containers 
of latex paint has 
Earth Paints Collection Systems kept out of landfills to date...?

     Over 154,000 containers! 


Thank you for doing your part 

              for our earth.