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Contractor Paint

Earth Paints Collection Systems offers premium, interior/exterior flat finish, reprocessed latex paint.  Made from recycled content, this product works well with any application, including a paint sprayer, brush or roller. Contractors looking for a high quality, green product, at a reasonable price. This product is ideal for new construction, apartment complexed, office buildings and commerial maintenance.

Whipped White
Ivory White
Concrete Gray
Tawny Beige

Available in 5 gallon pails only
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This paint is also available from:
Greenmaker Supply Company
2500 N. Pulaski Road
Chicago, IL 60639

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Beucher's Pride 100% RECYCLED LATEX PAINT

Premium Quality, Durable, Washable Finish, Environmentally Friendly

 Once collected and filtered our feedstock is remanufactured to insure the highest quality
recycled product. During the re-manufacturing process, the paint is fitered for a second time, and cleaned to eliminate any contaminates. The finished paint is put through a battery of tests to guarantee quality application and performance, including scub resistance , adhesion, viscosity, color, finish and pH level. The result is a high quality, recycled product that you can feel good about using in your home.

Egg Shell Finish Only                          Available in Gallons Only                                Call for price

For information on where you can purchase Beucher's Pride, please contact our office.


        Green comes in many colors!

Polar White
Ash White
Desert Sand
Prairie Wheat
Maize Yellow
Gentle Moss
     Big Sky Blue    
Winter Sky
Mountain Rock
Tree Bark
    Rose Petal
 New Color     Coming Soon

 Please be aware that  the color as shown may vary slightly from the actual color when applied. If you would like color chart sent to you, please contact our office.                         

Recycling Fees