By offering a post-consumer collection system throug retailers and collection events, Earth Paints Collection Systems makes it possible for consumers to safely and simply dispose of their leftover latex paint. Old latex paint can be processed and made into new paint, or broken down and made into additve for other products such as concrete. Every part of the colleced paint and container is recycled!

The biggest response we have heard to our efforts is "THANK YOU!" We're proud to be providing a service that is giving people an environmentally sound option for disposing of accumulated latex paint.
Here are some comments from our collection centers and collection event sponsors:

In Their Own Words...
"For us, it's one more outlet for community service. Our customers love it because it gives them a safe place to throw out old paint. They know it will be properly disposed of."
- Jeff Koenen, Owner,
Reineman's True Value

"Our customers are pleased to have a safe option to remove the paint from their home and have it recycled. It brings footsteps to my door, and I like anything that brings people to my store."
- Charlie Warren, Owner,
Lindenhurst True Value

"This program has excelled, and I am very surprised at the customer appreciation that someone is finally recycling latex paint. Customers are relieved to get the paint out of their house."
- Matt Williams, Manager,
Millen Ace Hardware

"I think that service has been excellent. Our customers are very happy to know we offer this service. They don't even balk at the fees because they feel they are doing what's good for the environment."
- Julia Eschenfeldt, Manager,
Palatine Ace Hardware