The Recycling Process

Latex paint is generally not considered hazardous material due to the fact that it is water-soluble. For that reason, most county-funded collection programs do not accept latex paint. The suggestions offered for disposal, such as buying less paint, painting until it's gone, giving it away or drying out the paint and thrwoing it away are often inconvenient, messy and certainly are harmful to the environment.

Process Step 1
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Latex Paint is collected at one of our retailers or at a collection event. The paint is then transferred to our facility in Grayslake, Illinois, where it is separated by quality into to catagories, useable and unuseable.  Unuseable paint consists of paint that has been hardened, is too old, or contains any other impurity. Unuseable paint is removed from its container, and bulked into 55 gallon drums.  It is then sent off to be remanufactured into a filler product call PLP, which is used in the making of concrete and other specialty cements. Using the latex paint based PLP in this way reduces the need for additional natural resourses.

The paint that is useable is separated once more, this time by color.  The paint is then filtered and bulked into 55-gallon drums, and is now considered feedstock paint.  This feedstock paint is then remanufactured into new, usuable latex paint.  During the remanufacturing process the paints is filtered again, blended and put thru a series of tests to quarantee quality and performance. The result in a high quality, 100% recycled paint called Beuchers Pride.

But our job doesn't stop there. Once the paint is out of the can..what to do with all those containers???   Well, we recycle those too.  Steel containers are crushed and sent back to the steel industry.  Palstice containers are washed, chopped and sent back to plastic companies to be reused and made into new products.

Recycling Fees